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Getting More Conversions With Google Ads

Google Ads

Your Google Ads campaign is only worth as much as it’s converting. Typically, if you aren’t seeing a conversion rate above 5% from your Ads campaign, you aren’t getting your money’s worth. 

So the question becomes, ‘how do you get more conversions with Google Ads?’ Thankfully there are practical answers to this question. In the following post we will be covering some tried and true methods for getting more conversions out of your Google Ads campaign. But first let’s talk about why any business would want to use Google Ads in the first place.

Why Use Google Ads?

First and foremost, Google has one of the largest digital ad networks in the world. In fact, Google is the largest publisher of digital ads in the United States. This means that the ads you pay for with Google will appear to a larger audience than any other advertising network can offer. 

The sheer size of the Google Ads network is really the most important reason why anyone should be using it. But let’s take a look at some stats the prove the efficacy of this advertising strategy:

  • The estimated return on investment for a Google Ads campaign in 800%
  • Paid Google Ads allow businesses to increase their brand awareness by as much as 33%
  • More than half of all internet users have reported clicking on a Google Ad at one time or another. 

Here’s another simple yet impactful idea to consider: Google easily owns the lion’s share of the search engine market. So advertising with them is really a no-brainer. Now let’s talk about how you can increase your Google Ad conversion rate.

Proven Conversion Strategies

Landing Pages

Your ad copy is only half of the equation if you want to run a successful Google Ads campaign. You also have to pay close attention to your landing pages. While your ad copy influences click-through rate, it’s your landing pages that have a direct impact on your conversion rate.

To generate more conversions you have to test different landing page designs and copy. Something as simple as placing your call to action at the top of the page rather than the bottom may generate more conversions. 

You should also pay attention to which resources are generating the most clicks. You may find that offering an eBook through your landing page increases conversions while another business will increase traffic by offering webinars. 

Brand Vs. Non-Brand Keywords

It’s crucial to the success of your ad campaign to carefully consider where your customers are in the marketing funnel. If you are simply trying to increase brand awareness then you will want to focus your campaign on non-brand keywords (keywords that target a general topic).

If you already have some brand establishment, you may want to focus more on branded keywords (keywords that contain your brand or product name). For example, if you own a landscaping business and haven’t penetrated the market very much yet, you would focus on keywords like “landscaping in (insert area here)” or “professional landscaping service.”

Title Capitalization

This last strategy is by far the simplest but oddly enough, it really does improve conversion rates. The best part is that it’s a strategy that you can implement right now. Simply capitalize the words in your ad copy. 

Having lower-case letters in your ad copy looks unprofessional and doesn’t command as much attention. That doesn’t mean you should hit caps lock when you are typing up your ad copy. Just make sure that the first letter of each sentence of your ad is capitalized. 

In fact, Google demands that your ad copy meets high editorial standards. This means no odd capitalization like, “GooGLe ADs” and no extra spaces like, “Google   Ads Campaign.”

While it can be a challenge, Launched Digital Solutions can help you get more conversions from your Google Ads Campaign through proven optimization techniques and technical SEO support.

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