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How to | Successfully Ideating Effective Technology Solutions


We source, ideate, develop, and manage cutting edge technology solutions for our clients. But no project is ever the same, and thus our process has to be incredibly adaptive to our clients needs. Yet, we consistently deliver solutions that exceed expectations. Here’s how we start our process:

Identify the Problem

This step is, by far, the most essential part of the entire process. Correctly identifying the problem to be solved allows the rest of the process to easily fall into place. Incorrectly identifying it, or not doing the proper prep work, can lead to devastating inefficiencies, project delays, and headaches for all stakeholders. Doing it properly requires meeting with every single stakeholder on the project and ensuring that all members of the organization are aligned on what the solution needs to solve, which can only be accomplished through open discussion and consensus. Simply getting a written statement from one person on what the problem is will lead to other stakeholders delaying the project when they find out that their needs are not being met. To complicate matters, many internal stakeholders incorrectly identify their own problems due to their lack of an external viewpoint. Thus, to correctly identify the problem, you not only have to align all stakeholders, but conduct a thorough external review of the issue in question. Once you’ve done this correctly and recieved buy in, it is time to begin building the solution.

Ideate the Solution

Now that we’ve identified the problem, we begin ideating potential solutions. To do this, we constantly research cutting edge softwares and technological innovations across industries to build a deep understanding of the technological landscape. If an existing solution exists, we test the solution, and upon a successful test, broker a deal that benefits our clients. However, in many cases our clients require a bespoke solution that meets their specific organization’s needs. Our UX and Dev Team then conduct a brainstorm session to determine the most effective way to solve the problem. They boil it down to the the three most powerful solutions that are then critically evaluated to identify viability and pros and cons. Once this is determined, the most effective option is selected, and the client is presented with the proposed solution. Based on client feedback, the solution is optimized. Once final approval is received, we begin the design and development process.

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