Content Marketing

Always Engaged.

We create Engaged Customers. Through leveraging multiple channels, we create brand loyalty, increase brand recognition, and increase average customer transaction size. Engaged customers spend 90% more frequently than typical customers, spend 60% more per transaction, are 5 times more likely to become a loyalist customer, and 4 times more likely to recommend the business to colleagues (Rosetta Customer Engagement Report).

Case Study

When we first started working with North Park Creamery, an ice cream company out of San Diego that had just opened, they didn’t have any social media accounts or online presence. However, within our first 3 months of working with them, we were able to increase their follower count from 0 to over 1,000 real followers (no bots), achieved a 96% engagement rate (14 times the industry average), and achieved 24,403 impressions. This resulted in a great first year for the company, averaging over $1,000 a day in revenue.

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