SEO optimization

Technically Irresistible.

A visually stunning website deserves to be seen. That’s where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. We use advanced strategies to optimize every aspect of our client’s websites and digital presence to drive high-quality traffic to their site. Our results speak for themselves.

Case Study

When we started working with SactoPolitico, a local political newspaper, you couldn’t even find them on the 10th page of Google. Trust us. We tried. Neither their website nor their articles could be found, and they had over 300 major technical issues on their site preventing them from being displayed. Working directly with Google, we got them registered in the Google News program, which allowed their articles to be indexed for relevant search terms. We fixed and perfected every technical SEO issue on their site, in addition to optimizing hundreds of articles for relevant keywords. We did all of this within 5 months, resulting in a 525% increase in high-quality traffic, with a 3,150% increase in search visibility across all target keywords.

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