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How Web Design Affects Your Business

Web Design

Your website is your most valuable asset in terms of digital marketing. It should be your main asset that draws people in, increases your brand awareness and drives conversion.

Conversely, if your website’s design is clunky or simply not optimized, you are missing out on sales opportunities and losing customers. So it’s crucial that your company invests in quality web design. In today’s post we will be discussing how web design can generate leads and conversions. 

Online Presence

First and foremost, your website represents your company and your online presence. You want it to be professional otherwise your business may come off as unprofessional. And the statistics don’t lie. 38% of users will simply click away from your website if the layout is messy or generally unattractive. 

Your website is your online presence – even if you have multiple social media channels, landing pages and other media outlets. So you want it to reflect favorably on your business. 

And make no mistake about it – your online presence matters to the success of your company. With more and more consumers finding businesses and making purchases online, you can’t afford to have a poor or weak online presence.

Think of it this way: if you were shopping online would you buy from a site that was hard to navigate or one that was neat and convenient? In this way, your online presence can help you stand out among the competitors and win more business.

User Experience

Another reason why web design is important to your business is user experience. User experience refers to how your customers interact with your website. You want the user experience to be as easy, engaging and pleasant as possible because it will keep people on your website and make it more likely that they return. Here are some of the most important aspects of quality user experience:

  • The information that consumers are looking for is easy to find
  • The website is easy to navigate
  • Pages load in a timely manner
  • Content is laid out neatly and in a way that is easy to digest
  • The layout does not bombard or overwhelm the visitor with content
  • Purchasing and personal information are secured
  • Design is attractive and inviting

It’s also important that the mobile version of your website runs smoothly and maintains a quality user interface (UI). Why? Because a staggering three quarters of US adults make purchases from their phone. And that number is likely to go up as time goes on.

Authority and Credibility

A professional, well-designed website will build authority and credibility for your company. It will make it more likely that customers trust your brand, interact with it and ultimately make a purchase. And authority and credibility matter to:

  • Your Customers – According to Forbes, 57% of consumers reported that they would not recommend a business if they perceive that the business has a poorly designed website. So your website can actually affect the amount of new leads and return customers you get.
  • Your Search Engine Rankings – Authority and credibility ranked third as the most important ranking factors behind only machine learning and core web vitals. So your website design has a direct impact on SEO.

Your website can go a long way toward establishing that ever-so-important authority – if it is designed the right way.

Launched Digital Solutions offers professional web design services that can generate leads and drive conversions.

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